Photographer Rights

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Photography is such a wonderful industry. There are so many opportunities that abound especially for talented photographers. With the rise of digital photography, there is also a lot of demand for good photo editors. But with all these opportunities, we first have to define the limits and restrictions of photographers. What are their boundaries? This discussion is very relevant since it informs a photographer the dos and don’ts of his/her job so he or she can base his or her work on it. Aside from that, knowing your rights as a photographer might also save you from a jam in the future.

What you need to remember as a photographer is, although you can shoot pictures of anybody as long as they are in a public area, you can’t use those pictures for promotional use of a service or a product. You can get in trouble if you do that when someone sues the crap out of you. Also, if you are planning to shoot pictures of kids playing in the park, don’t go hiding in the bushes and take pictures using big lenses. Chances are, when a parent notices you, you’ll get the cops called on you. It would be better to ask permission from the parents, that way you can be in the clear. As a general rule, don’t be creepy when taking pictures. Be mindful of how you act and take pictures. In short, observe ethics.

Another thing to remember is that not all cities allow taking pictures in public. Some don’t allow it. So, you better be aware of a city’s photography rules. It’s better to be informed than to be sorry, am I right? Now if you are looking for other related articles about photography, Cameradojo is the right resource for you. There are lots of tips, reviews and other tutorials that you can find on that site. Cameradojo is website specifically made with photographers like you in mind. So take advantage of it!

Getting to Know the Guru of Quadcopters

  • A site online that offers comprehensive reviews on quadcopters
  • Gadgets that you need to use for the improvement of your photo images
  • A list of drones and cameras available at

If, in case, you’re still undecided on where to buy that desired quadcopter for your photography, you might want to check out quadcopterguru this time.


This site has it all. From gadgets to cameras to drones and even reviews, quadcopterguru has it all.

Now, we can talk about quadcopterguru to our heart’s content, about how awesome this site is when you’re in the works of making improvements to your photos, but let us talk about one aspect of its greatness, that is, their list of reviews on gadgets, in particular, with these drones.

Quadcopterguru is not about to leave any stones unturned as soon as you visit their site. If you can check out their reviews, you would soon notice that it is aimed at making you an expert photographer in your own right.

You’ll be able to learn some tips and techniques that you can’t get it with other sites. And not only that, the tools that they are reviewing are some of the latest in the market, complete with recommendations on how to maneuver and maintain them.

You might be surprised also that a lot of professional photographers are checking in on their site on a regular basis because this is where they get their upgrades as far as editing their photo images are concerned. You could say that quadcopterguru is paving the way for more expert photographers in the long run.

So visit quadcopterguru today through this link,, and you’ll find that using drones is not that intimidating after all, it is way to enjoy photography while churning our beautiful photos that viewers will dig in.

Guide on Shooting Formal Wedding Portraits

  • Shooting formal wedding portraits during the event can be very exhausting.
  • Every photographer knows that photography is about capturing unforgettable moments.
  • Here are some of the best guides to apply in your photography shoots.

Shooting formal wedding portraits during the event can be very exhausting and stressful to all the people involved. It’s part of the wedding wherein the couple, guests and relatives are called to have a formal wedding portrait. But unfortunately, it’s very hard for photographers since some guests still want to enjoy their glass of wine, moments with their long lost friends and etc. The groom and the bride are tired from standing and they’re doing it to accommodate their guests, same with the photographers, they have the most tiring job because they need to shoot everything even the smallest details.

PA1Like any photography events, I, as a photographer have been asked many times to change the wedding photography plan and skip the formal portrait shoot. But I don’t think it’s necessary because it’s the only way I can get  decent photos of the guests. I understand that not everyone are into photography and that they just want to enjoy the wedding itself. Also, they have a wrong idea in mind that photographers are magicians; yes, we all use workflows like best wedding Lightroom presets to help us save time in editing tons of images, but we can’t magic the smiles and sincerity of the people.

Every photographer knows that photography is about capturing special and unforgettable moments. So, to help have a good formal wedding portrait, here are some of the best guides to apply in your photography shoots.

  • Communicate with the couple prior the wedding.
  • Encourage guests to participate in the formal wedding shoot.
  • Ask certain people from the entourage to help you gather the crowd.
  • Choose the best location with good lighting.

So basically, these tips will somehow help you have a good formal wedding portrait. However, the challenge will still be there and that is to keep them focused on your camera.

Why Go for Adobe Lightroom Presets for Your Photos

  • Enhancing your photos in a much easier way with Adobe Lightroom presets
  • Edit photos like a photographer using presets (and brushes)
  • Creating a variety of effects on your photo with an easy to handle editing tool from Lightroom

For many decades, photo editing is an exclusive job for photographers. Ordinary users of the camera were not that adept when it comes to photo editing, let alone enhancing the texture of that picture. Today, however, with the arrival of these Adobe Lightroom presets, editing a photo is as easy as taking a photo shot.

Yes, these Adobe Lightroom presets make way for that photo editing without any of those hassles that we normally associate with developing a photo, particularly with the use of darkrooms.


All you need to do now is download these Adobe Lightroom presets in your Mac or even your PC, and you can now start experimenting with its presets. Adobe Lightroom presets come in different forms or style, depending on the kind of effect suitable for your photo images.

As soon as you get these Adobe Lightroom presets, you can enhance your photos by way of its hue, saturation and luminosity. It delivers specific enhancements as well, courtesy of its brushes, but Adobe Lightroom boasts of having the best collection of presets for your photos.

Enough of those old-style photo enhancing schemes or solutions that doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of your photos, these Adobe Lightroom presets, however, presents a more complete makeover over your collection of photos.

It is designed to make the most out of your photo images so that you can present them online in a variety of ways, not just posting them on your social media account as it is, flat and doesn’t have any dramatic effect at all. With Adobe Lightroom presets, though, you get the full range of your picture like some work from a professional photographer.

Get these Adobe Lightroom presets now and use it on your photos every time you plan to post them on your social media account. Now you can do anything you want with your photos, editing and all, without the aid of your photographer. What a privilege and an advantage it would be to have these Adobe Lightroom presets with you.

The Convenience of Having Adobe Lightroom Presets

  • Rich collection of presets for the improvement of your photos
  • Easy to handle photo-editing app for non-photographers
  • Producing quality, visually stimulating pictures via Adobe Lightroom presets

Your pictures deserve a kind of enhancement at times. You can’t just post them on your social media page and expect to generate a following. And for you to have that, you need pictures that perk up even the imagination of your viewers. And one way of creating that effect is by using these Adobe Lightroom presets.


You might not notice it, but more and more photographers use Adobe Lightroom presets every time they want something more out of their pictures. It has all the tools in creating effects that might not be possible with other photo enhancing apps.

Adobe Lightroom presets come in bundles and volumes. You’ll never run out of effects for your photos because there is a preset for every effect you wanted to have with your images. From vintage to black and white to fashion, Adobe Lightroom presets have it all.

There are other apps, though, you can use when it comes to editing your photos, but Adobe Lightroom presets allow you to create modules out of your files. You can even store them with its customized storing system through its unique folders.

It is so interactive and easy to use.  There never was a photo-editing app that is quite convenient even with non-photographers. So if you can get these Adobe Lightroom presets online, your photos are in for a more complete enhancement.

It has free presets in its collection, aside from those with a price, but these presets have the same quality to it, enabling you to present photos online that literally generates a barrage of followers immediately after posting.

That’s the guarantee that these Adobe Lightroom presets have for your photos. No need to seek some help from a photographer, you can produce photos after your own style and preference with these presets.

Not only your pictures deserve some form of enhancement, you also deserve that kind of enhanced look as well on your social media page.

Why Choose Sleeklens for Your Photos

  • A collection of presets and brushes for the enhancement and editing of your photos
  • An online site that offers affordable presets for your landscapes and portraits
  • A photo-editing app that has its own video tutorial for would-be photographers

You don’t have to look further trying to find that online site that offers you the best tools for the enhancement of your photos. Sleeklens is exactly what you need, because it offers you the best Adobe Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions for your photos.

All you need to do is visit Sleeklen’s website, and you can have its collections of presets and Photoshop actions that are perfect with your pictures. With more than 500 presets and more than 200 brushes, you can now experiment different effects on your photos without damaging its original images and the kind of enhancement that suits your style and personality.


Sleeklens also has its video tutorials for you to have so you can navigate its tools with ease. So this app is quite convenient, it helps you even before you can actually use it with your photos.

One of the best collections that Sleeklens has to offer, though, is its Complete Presets Collection. It has at least 972 quality presets that you can use with your portraits, landscapes and even vintage photos. Hard to imagine that there isn’t a single preset for that specific effect you’ve always wanted with your photos. And this is definitely the collection you should consider as far as photo editing goes.

Other collections include, Color Fantasy, Strike a Pose and Newborn Delights, presets that would give stunning effects as soon as you apply them.

So get your presets collection now from Sleeklens. These are affordable collections; by the way, enough to make significant changes on your ordinary photos, making you look more like a professional photographer or designer in the process.

Stop making excuses right now and get that Sleeklens collection for your photos. Photo editing or enhancing is not so much as a matter of knowing certain angles in taking that photo, at times, though, it is also a matter of having the right kind of tools for the improvement of your photos.

Creating Great Photos with Adobe Lightroom Presets

  • A list of free Adobe Lightroom presets online for your photo editing and enhancement
  • Photo-editing tool that can create that vintage effect on your photo
  • Photos that looked more like paintings via Adobe Lightroom presets

You might not notice it at first, but soon you have to find ways to improve the quality of your photos you have posted online. People will notice this more than the text you have accompanied with your photos. The reason why you need to find the right tools for you to come up with photos that are at par with what those professional photographers are doing.

LR6And one of the solutions for this dilemma is this collection of Adobe Lightroom presets online. On the flip side, though, you would notice that there are photos that looked more sophisticated than the one you just posted on your social media account. Most often than not, that sports cameras  photo is enhanced with these Adobe Lightroom presets.

There are tons of Adobe Lightroom presets on the web. They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of effects you can use on your photos. And your pictures will never be the same again with these presets because it enhances your photos in ways you couldn’t even imagine. It’s almost like a surreal experience.

If you have a thing for vintage photography, these Adobe Lightroom presets will give you the kind of vintage look you’ve always wanted with your photos, giving you that worn out look, which you couldn’t find with other photo enhancing apps.

If you’re a fan of the post-impressionist painters and you wanted to incorporate it on your photos, then these Adobe Lightroom presets offer you its warm fog Lightroom preset that literally turns your photo like those famous pieces of Monet or Van Gogh for that matter.

So it isn’t so hard to see why there are photos that looked more interesting than others, and all because of these Adobe Lighroom presets.

Download these presets now, and create an effect of your own. Who knows, that distinctive style of yours will generate more followers in the process.

Make Your Wedding Invitations A Reality

  • Wedding Invitations are indicators that you’re in the first phase of the entire wedding preparations.
  • Wedding invitations should be simple, yet classy.
  • Having a wedding template helps you save time.

Wedding Invitations are indicators that you’re in the first phase of the entire wedding preparations. We are all aware that making a list of people to invite on the special day is very exhausting and stressful. In addition, choosing the best paper, designs, and fonts for the wedding invitation card makes it even harder. In this article, we will talk about how to create a wedding invitation and the importance of invitations for wedding templates.


As much as possible, wedding invitations should be simple, yet classy. There’s a big difference between stylish and classy; Stylish wedding invitation contains a lot of designs, drawings, and unrecognizable fonts while classy cards contain simple, yet strong choices of color, fonts, papers and style.

Like a company brochure, business marketing advertisements, and fashionable ads, wedding invitation serve the same purpose; and that is to persuade people to attend to your event. Moreover, an invitation should contain a specific and concise details about the event such as (where, when, RSVP notes and etc.)

For that reason, instead of wasting a lot of time designing your own wedding invitation card, downloading ready-made wedding templates online can help you speed up the preparation process. Unless you have several design ideas on your mind, you can create your own, but if not, choosing the best wedding template for your invitation is the suggested. Having a wedding template helps you save time which means, you can do other things aside from designing the wedding invitation.

Why HDR Photography Succeeds

  • Photographers want to know the significance of HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography.
  • High Dynamic Range photography is essentially taking the photography industry into the next level.
  • Some photographers with great HDR skills creates customized HDR actions for photoshop and sell it on the online market.

There has been a big issue within the photography industry. Photographers, both amateurs and pros, want to know the significance of HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography in today’s era. Moreover, there are talks and debates going around about HDR being an amateur’s way of transforming mediocre images to something better and clearer. In my personal opinion, HDR photography will provide more benefits to both the industry and to the photographers.


Again, HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is essentially taking the photography industry into another level. With the help of modern technology wherein every gadget we use has HDR settings in it, we can have a realistic and vibrant photographs. The benefits of using HDR are countless. But in this article, we will give you some of the common benefits of HDR.

One of the most common advantages of using HDR or creating HDR actions for photoshop is that it allows us to create a more precise representation of the subject we want to take. Which means, with HDR, it’s like capturing a certain object thru the naked eye.

In addition, with HDR, if you’re shooting in a dark place, HDR will automatically enhance the amount of light exposures, contrast and saturation. However, HDR would be very impossible if you’re working with moving objects as it will just blur the entire image. By using HDR appropriately, rest assured you can own a very wonderful and genuine image.

Lastly, another advantage of HDR is that it allows you to enhance or improve your artistic skills. At first, trying to perfect HDR image is hard and challenging, but if you master the art of HDR, you’ll be able to create and earn from your photographs. Some photographers with great HDR skills creates customized HDR actions for photoshop and sell it on the online market.

Nostalgia through Photoshop Actions

  • Photoshop actions for a more lively and dynamic photo
  • Offers a Photoshop Action that creates a nostalgic feel on your photos
  • 66 Vintage Photoshop Actions for that retro look

Pictures have a profound effect on people. Others would even cry just by looking at its images, some cringe, while others see to it that there should be a response to what that particular photo tried to project.

But what if these photos have their corresponding Photoshop Actions? Will there be reactions still like that with ordinary photos, especially when such images do have that effect on viewers?

pe2The answer to that is moot and academic. Photoshop Actions doesn’t diminish the impact of your photo images; it intensifies it all the more. Photoshop is not you’re typical photo enhancing solution; it brings about a kind of enhancement that generates not only a thousand likes online, but a thousand following as well.

A case in point is in creating that nostalgic feel on your photos. Sleeklens, for example, which uses Photoshop actions for their photos, offers a unique collection of “actions” that bring out that nostalgic feel, courtesy of its “Nostalgic Vintage Collection”.

In it, you can choose from its 66 Vintage Photoshop actions for your photos. Talk about unleashing that profound effect on people by way of conjuring intimate moments in the past, good or bad, memorable or traumatic., that this nostalgic collection from Sleeklens creates that kind of feeling with profundity.

It’s as if you’re reliving those moments in detail, through the miniature world of a photograph, remembering all the hugs, the laughter, the tears, even the smiles preserved in that photo and enhanced through Photoshop actions.

It enhances the shades, the overlays, the haze and the tone of your photos and create that retro look, adding that authentic feel to it. You can edit it layer by layer until you can come up with that desired nostalgic take on your photos.

So if you want to experience again that time when you first took that photo, that moment when that picture was first taken, download this Photoshop action from Sleeklens now and get that old-fashioned take for your pictures.

It has an easy-to-follow tutorial as your guide in installing these Photoshop actions in your Mac or PC. And you need not worry about navigating its tools because it is easy to use, and that its features perfectly fits your style, even if you’re creating that oldie look. Only if you have this Photoshop action in your gadget that you can relive that profound moment in your life.